Cosmetic Dentistry

A lot of our patients ask questions about how to improve their smiles. We generally do not bring up issues with possible esthetic improvements but can help guide you to the right treatment for you if you wish.

Esthetic dentistry starts with understanding your concerns and goals for your smile. You have been thinking about this a long time and we want to make your dream a long term success – not a nightmare you are reminded of every time you smile.

Sometimes a patients’ goals can be accomplished with simply bleaching their teeth – a procedure we do quite often. However, cosmetic dentistry is not just about making teeth look whiter. More importantly, cosmetic dentistry is about enhancing the form, function and health of the mouth. Its about the lips, gums, eyes, teeth, smile… its about the whole face!

Most concerns about doing any major esthetic dentistry fall into one of two categories:
1. How will I be sure what I get is what I want.
2. I am concerned that if I go through with this, it won’t last long.

Neither of these should be of concern. First, in nearly every case, we are able to offer a preview of, essentially, what the final result will look like. We do this early so we can evaluate the esthetics together and make modifications together to ensure you get what you want. We use these previews, once fine tuned to what you like, as a guide to be used in fabrication of the final product. It works great and allows you to ‘test drive’ a version of your new smile before committing to a final design. Second, longevity of cosmetic dental work is often simply a result of the function between the upper and lower teeth. Regardless of whether they have had treatment or not, both the upper and lower teeth contribute to bite. Because of this, careful consideration and evaluation is completed on an ‘Artificial Jaw Motion Simulator’ to ensure both the preview and final versions not only look great but also function well and last as long as possible!

Without this precision and stepwise manner of building in safeguards, cosmetic dentistry simply won’t last. It will be, at best, temporary, and at worst, compromising of the foundation making rebuilding it more costly and time consuming. Dr. Bunchman has rebuilt dozens of cases where these simple steps were not followed and the dentistry failed prematurely.

This process allows us to break down complex esthetic cases into manageable, well-organized steps. This discipline leads to predictable and long-lasting results we can both be proud of.

When considering cosmetic dentistry, you must put yourself in the hands of a trusted, experienced, trained and proven cosmetic dentist that can predictably deliver the results you desire.

Most dentists do cosmetic procedures in their offices, but there are very few, that have had the extensive training Dr. Bunchman has had to blend your desired results with proper parameters that allow it to last!

Cosmetic Dentistry – More Than A Pretty Smile.