Persistent Dental Issues

We recently had a call from a person we had never met who had a broken tooth. After taking the time to listen to her speak about her experience with dentistry going back to her childhood, it was apparent that she had been a ‘good dental patient.’ She had been seeing a dentist her entire adult life. Every suggestion a dentist ever made to her, she completed without regard to time or money. She had every filling, crown, root canal, and implant done just how her previous dentists had suggested. She told us that she knew she was taking care of her teeth because she never let anything ‘sit and fester’ and had always seen the dentist every six months, as they suggested. She did this because she took pride in her teeth and didn’t want to end up like her parents – missing several teeth or wearing removable dentures.

The reason for her call to our office was out of frustration. She finally realized that something wasn’t right. Why should she continue to put the time and money into her teeth and continue to have problems every year? Are these teeth even worth saving? Should I just get implants? These were just a few of the questions going through her head. Does this story sound familiar?

A thorough history of her dental problems and examination of her teeth showed us that the teeth ARE worth saving and implants were not even close to being a necessity. The problems in the past were mostly due to dentists fixing WHAT is wrong and not WHY it was wrong. No one ever stepped back to ask “What is the CAUSE of this problem?”

When the entire system is evaluated as a whole, light is shown on the past problems and a common cause often presents itself. This takes time at the beginning of a relationship but the execution of a well thought out plan leads to stability long term without constant, nagging dental issues. Solving complex dental issues is what we love to do and it brings the greatest rewards to our patients!