TMJ or Myofacial Pain

Many of our patients come to us complaining of TMJ symptoms. These vary from severe, consistent headaches to feeling like the bite or tooth position is changing to annoying clicking/popping or being unable to open or close fully. Often people are unaware that clicking or popping in your joints, chipping of front teeth, grinding your teeth in your sleep or sensitive teeth may also be contributed to joint problems. Additionally, people who have had more than one tooth break and need to be crowned in the past often have undiagnosed TMJ problems contributing to these issues (often, when these teeth break, we hear it broke but I was only eating something pretty soft!).

Joint problems can eventually lead to excessive wear of teeth, premature aging, tooth loss and muscle spasm. Most people are also unaware that many symptoms of TMJ are problems with muscles associated with the joints, not the joints themselves. When the joints are unstable the muscles must work harder. When muscle work they shorten. Over time this often causes pain. In these circumstances, treatment is much easier, faster and cheaper than true joint problems. However, when subtle early muscular symptoms are dismissed as irrelevant or immaterial, the stage is being set for major problems in the future.

TMJ sympotms can vary from severe pain to subtle nuances. Either way, a skilled dentist with specialized training and extensive experience is needed to diagnose the problem correctly and develop a plan to alleviate the problems as quickly, painlessly, and economically as possible. Dr. Bunchman has been doing this for years with tremendous success.

While Dr. Bunchman has been treating TMJ problems for many years and has studied with some of the leaders in the field, some of his more recent post-graduate education has come from these sources:

  • The Dawson Academy. Dr. Bunchman completed this rigorous curriculum over three years. You can find an indication of this prestigious status as a Scholar here –
  • OBI. Dr. Bunchman study the TMJ’s and Bioesthetics extensively with the OBI Foundation. You can learn more about it here –