Your First Visit

Your first visit with Dr. Bunchman will likely be different than you have ever had with a dentist before. Dr. Bunchman knows that the dentistry that comes out of his office can and does help improve and preserve your quality of life. He also routinely reminds his team that we are here to help all of our patients accept the best treatments dentistry has to offer if they choose to.

For your first dental care visit at our office in Evergreen, Colorado, we will ask about your dental concerns and answer any questions you have about our practice, Dr. Bunchman’s philosophy, your insurance, etc. We will offer you an appointment for an in-depth examination with Dr. Bunchman. If you prefer to meet Dr. Bunchman first, we will offer you a complimentary appointment with him to discuss your individual needs. At this appointment you will meet with us, share your goals and decide whether Premier Dental of Evergreen is the right fit for you and your dentistry needs. Dr. Bunchman offers his expertise and recommendations. You make the decisions.

Dr. Bunchman will want to know about your past dental experiences, your story. He will want to know about any dental problems you are having, any bad or fearful experiences, treatment that worked or didn’t work and how you feel about coming to the dentist. He will answer any questions you have about him and what is done here in the practice. This all takes place in a private office where you can feel comfortable sharing your concerns and needs – not in a traditional clinical setting. The goal is to find out what you really, really want for your mouth.

After your questions are answered, you will move to a treatment room where Dr. Bunchman will examine your jaws, mouth, gums and teeth. The goal is to determine the level of health of your mouth. Again, any questions you may have will be answered. He will then ask for permission to take any x-rays, study models and photographs that will be helpful to understand your health.

Many new patients at Premier Dental of Evergreen will only need a thorough cleaning and regular future visits for maintenance. However, many choose Dr. Bunchman because of his expertise and the need for more involved care. In either case, Dr. Bunchman will do a thorough study of the exam findings. He will provide you with a comprehensive, sequenced plan to achieve and maintain a healthy mouth.

Our patients tell us that they keep coming back to us because of our relaxed, humble atmosphere. Whether you are coming to us to investigate dental implants, improve your smile, to replace broken or missing teeth, or to maintain an already healthy mouth, we can help. Dr. Bunchman uses his knowledge and ability to listen to create a plan that works for you. You will find working with Dr. Bunchman, a comfortable, rewarding experience. At Premier Dental of Evergreen, patients often visit us from the surrounding communities of Conifer, Genesee, Morrison and Idaho Springs; we welcome anyone needing our assistance and we are looking forward to meeting you! E-mail us or give us a call.

You can see an interactive virtual tour of our office here.